ColdfireUO 2011
4 - When Resource gathering; Mining; Lumber jacking; Fishing; saying Buy or Sell you will be prompted by an AFK checker. If you don't input the correct code within a certain time then you will be jailed for 30 mins and the resources from your pack will be removed. This is a system in place to prevent mass amounts of resource being farmed.
5 - Need to know commands
-- USE THE FOURMS if you want to suggest something, talk about something or report something its the best way to go about it.
.shouton -- allows you to talk to people that have shout on
.pvpchaton -- allows you to see the messages from people capturing Minoc
.auctionon -- allows you to auction of items to other players
.unnewbie -- removes young status
** note more commands can be found on the website **

Beginners Guide to ColdfireUO


Step 1: Installing
Step 2: Creating an Account and Setting up your character
Step 3: In game - Features and things to know


First of all welcome to the shard.
Coldfire UO is a sphere shard based SLIGHTLY around other successful shards such Atlantis, Santiago and Mythik . While playing you can experience hard hitting, fast paced skilled pvp that alot of other shards don't offer. Coldfire is strict on its policies surrounding pvp balance and will not have overpowered items that ruin this genre of pvp -- If something is added it will be tweaked in order to benefit all or most parties. On the hunting side of things you will discover newer monsters, harder monsters and will become increasingly aware of their presence. Coldfire is also home to vast amount of craftable items such as new armors, weapons, houses and much more.

To get started here we have removed the hassle of downloading specific files and developed an all-in-one Ultima online Package. This package contains everything you need to play the game and experience the least amount of problems. Coldfire has ported over content from the newer game clients into client 2.0.3 which has been known to be the most stable and consistent for sphere shards of this era. Therefore in order for you to play the game without crashing issues we STRONGLY recommend downloading the package and installing it.

Step 1: Installing

1 - Install the Coldfire UO package from ***here***
2 - While that is installing remove any other versions of uo that you have on your computer.
3 - When downloaded open coldfireuo.exe (if using windows vista or 7 run in Administration mode ie right click > Run as Administrator)
4 - Like most installers just follow the directions with installing the package.
5 - When this is done Ultima Online will be installed properly. To run the game open client.exe.
6 - You will also notice that UOAssist and Injection both come with this installer which can aid ingame play via macros or setting your player up.

Step 2: Creating an Account and Setting up your character

1 - When you open client.exe you can login with whatever user / pass you want. However, auto account only works once to stop people from multi clienting. If you have another person on the same IP - relative, friend etc jump on the forums and ask **Do not put account details on the forums**
2 - when you have logged in using your desired username / password and gone past the server selection screen you will start your character creation
3 - Click new at the bottom of the page in order to create a new player.
4 - Next you will be required to select the type of character. Don't select the pre-made classes just pick advanced which is located at the bottom right of the page. (The UO Symbol), if you pick the pre-made class your client will crash.
5 - Now you get to select your skills - Don't worry about the stats as you get 100 of each in-game. I recommend picking your secondary skills here as you get two more when you enter the game at 60. Therefore you should pick combat skills, or other non specific skills.
6 - Next enter your name, setup your character and continue.
7 - On the world spawn page it doesn't matter which city you pick as they will all take you to Britain.
8 - Now that you are in-game you will see your bonus skill selection. You get two skills raised to 60.
9 - You will notice that when you move you will get a popup telling you to verify your account, complete each section and you will be able to play.

10 - You should trigger a skill now as it will bring up another gump. This give you the option of picking 4 crafting skills. These crafting skills will be the only skills out of the list that you can use. This is a new system in place to prevent the all-in-one character and promote trade within the player base.
11 - When you click your character you will notice the young status. This is definitely vital for a new player. The young status allows for you to be safe from pvpers and pkers as well as receiving 2x skill gain. This status lasts for a week and we recommend that you keep it on.

Step 3: In game - Features and things to know

1 - One of the standout features is the coldfireUO manager which you can see at the bottom of the page. It shows the; online players; Veteran points (which you receive 1 for every minute); Invite points (which will be explained later); and Luck (which you get during powerhour and as veteran rewards and increases the drop rate on monsters.) You will also notice that it displays resists; Fire, Cold and Electric. You get these resists from amour which reduce incoming damage of specific spells.
2 - There are various types of stones in the world that assist you: 1 - Resurrection stone 2 - Veteran Stone 3 - Item Stone 4 - Crafting skills stone (works once) 5 - Skill Erasing Stone 6 - Travel Stone (costs) 7 - Bank Stone 8 - Trash Can 9 - Tournament Ticket Reward Stone.
3 - Generally pvp is done in two main places Britain bridge (1) and Minoc (2). You will notice in minoc the spire this is a point which you capture in order to receive "an essence of the profession" which you need in order to craft large houses.
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