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.arm (num)
.sguild x
home home home
I resign from my guild
make this my home
You can use this command when you are away.
Equip Various weapon types
Allows you to auto equip the same item that you set originally.
This will cast the magic that you want, depending the number. Eg cast 1
This will change your ingame resolution
Drink a Mana Potion.
Cast a FlameStrike.
Use on an item to show the uid of your rares, and keep them in a safe place.
Shows a map with the current location of your guildmates
Turn off guild shout
Enable guild shout
Uses bandages, will still need to select a target.
Will open a direct window for to the Help Menu
Shoot a explosion potion inside your pack
Drink a Heal Potion (Greater Heal Potions have preference)
Shows your current hunger state.
Displays the current list of invitation rewards.
Drink an Invisibility Potion
Display the top PvPers
Target the last target
Drink a Mana Potion (Total Manas have preference)
This will show who's online
This will change your password. Eg. .password (new one)
Displays information about when the next powerhour is
Drink a Restoration potion
Target Self
x is how you communicate with other guildmates, .sguildon/.sguildoff to turn on/off.
Use .shout to chat
Displays a map showing your current location
Spark Scrolls
Remove your young status
Displays your current veteran points
This shows the location where you are.
When you are dead to go to your home.
Resign from your guild.
Make the current location your new home.
Resync your character with the server
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